Put a Horn On It

Put a horn on a horse
And it becomes a unicorn.
Put one on a zombie
And it's now a zombicorn.
If you put a horn in your corn,
Does it become cornicorn?
If it's corn on the cob,
Then maybe cornicobicorn.
Put a horn on your bottom
And you're a bummicorn.
Just be careful when you sit downicorn.
If you put a horn on everything,
You might become annoyacorn.
I think you better stopicorn.

-B.C. Byron
Mr. Bummicorn, be careful where you sit downicorn!

Every kind of animal apparently needs a magic horn. Why not make a shirt with kitticorns on it? Already done. Unicorn cakes are the hottest birthday party trend. One of my girls has a coloring book with hamburger-corns, girafficorns, cars with horns (on top, I mean), people-corns and much more unicorniness. That coloring book sort of sums up the current unicorn craze.

When I was a kid, dinosaurs were really big – in the popular sense. Then it was pirates, ninja turtles. As a teenager it was Star Trek for my little group of friends. I miss those days when all my friends had a common interest that we could all be excited about together.

If you’re into unicorns, put a horn on everything. Dress up like a unicorn at every opportunity. If your really into B.C. Byron’s poems, write them everywhere. If you like nerdy science fiction shows, watch every episode with your friends. Maybe you’ll grow out of it all someday, but enjoy it for now. Go all in. Don’t worry if a few people find it annoyacorn.