A Pimple and His Boy

On Stu's nose there was a reddish bump,
a pimple oh so tiny.
He proudly took great care of it
and buffed it nice and shiny.
When the pimple formed a little mouth,
he worried it may be hungry.
No one knew what pimples eat,
so he fed it milk and honey.

The pimple grew and so did Stu.
Zit and boy made a friendship true.
They shared their secrets and their food,
even felt each other's mood.
If the pimple wept its whitish goo,
the tears would start in Stu's eye too.
They laughed and played and dreamed together.
Thought they'd be pals forever and ever.

Too bad Stu didn't recognize
when the zit had reached its maximum size.
Stu tried to squeeze inside the bus,
with his beachball nose, all filled with puss.
The stubborn bus doors would not shut,
'til the beautiful blemish went kersplut.
For a while those two friends had a blast,
but pimple relationships never last.

-B.C. Byron
Those stubborn bus doors wouldn’t let his pimple in. And then it went *Kersplut*

This is a poem about the rise and fall of friendships and accepting your own imperfections. Did you ever worry about your looks? Did you have blemishes that you wanted to hide from everyone? It’s a beautiful thing when you can embrace your flaws – but maybe not literally like Stu did. You can love yourself without taking things too far. Accept your flaws and learn to live with a few pimples, they’re bound to happen. Make those flaws into strengths or just work around them. A dermatologist, or friends and family will understand and help you in this.

It’s also important to choose good friends who won’t go kersplut on you when things get tough. Friends may come and go for reasons out of their control like changing schools, but the ones who care most can still be there for a phone call or encouraging email when it’s needed most. You need people who will stick around and help you out. You also need to spend a bit of time each week thinking about your friends and how you can be there for them too. Choose good friends, preferably friends who aren’t filled with puss.