Cute, Snuggly, Deadly

Don't mess with Mr. Nibbles.
I know that bunny's cute.
His fluffy fur is tempting,
And those floppy ears... oh shoot.
Your hand just wants to pet him,
And he'll snuggle on your foot.
But if you touch that fuzzball,
Your life will be kapoot.
His hoppy legs will spring and bound.
He'll strike you to the ground.

Nibbles is six inches,
Nearly fits into your palm,
But I saw him lift a car once
And launch it like a bomb.
Some puppy looked at Nibbles wrong
and BANG!
Puppy's gone.

Don't be fooled by those big eyes,
And that adorable hairy suit.
Mr. Nibbles' middle name is Pain.
He's a black belt in death fu.
Beware of Mr. Nibbles.
His scary name tells you why.
He'll nibble you to pieces.
Run before you die!

Copyright B.C. Byron 2021
Mr. Nibbles has a black belt in death fu!

This poem was inspired by our adorable pet bunny, Jeffrey. He got mad at me one day for some reason and bit me. I really had no warning because what bunnies consider to be aggressive moves are actually pretty darn cute. He was being just as cuddly looking as usual, so how was I to know that he was warning me? I looked up videos of bunnies fighting each other and attacking humans. Without exception, these bunnies all looked like they were playing a sweet, fuzzy little bunny game before, during, and after the attack. I wondered, “is it even possible for a rabbit to look scary?” Apparently not. Nothing is more deadly than a creature that is deceptively adorable all the time. Imagine if tigers had floppy ears, big watery eyes, and bounced gleefully when they were hungry. How many more humans would be eaten by tigers on safaris every year?

You may also recall a certain bunny from the Monty Python film that killed several knights with its pointy teeth. And those teacup rabbits? Little puffballs of fury. It may take a while, but they chew you apart if they wanted. Size is not always a factor with deadly creatures.