My Big Fat Apology

It seems that I offended you.
I think these words are overdue.
I'm sorry if your pride was broke.
I'm sorry you can't take a joke.
I'm sorry you're so fun to tease.
I'm sorry you're so hard to please.

So here's a big apology.
I'm groveling, as you can see.
A grudge will only hurt your tummy,
Suck it up and just forgive me.
My actions, they were unbecoming
And I'm sorry
That you had it coming.
So accept my stinking apology
And boil it in your tea.
I used nice words and everything.
Now, wasn't that big of me?

-B.C. Byron
I’m sorry… that you’re so touchy

While writing this poem, I realized something important about apologizing. It takes practice to do it right. Not everyone can write such a heartfelt and sincere apology as the one I shared above, especially when the person you’re apologizing to really did deserve it. And for me to spend the time to make it into a poem… well, I hope they appreciate the extraordinary, humble effort that I put into it. I won’t mention what this poem apology was for. Just know that I was the bigger person for writing it. And you know what? I really did feel better after letting that rotten stinker of a stubborn know-it-all know just how sorry I was.

Always try to be right like me and be the first to apologize. You can use this poem as your template if you’re wondering how to make it meaningful. Well, maybe you could soften it up a bit. And maybe remove the part about boiling tea, but you get the picture. Also, don’t be a lout like the person I wrote this poem to and actually accept the apology. Being a forgiving person is important too.